This is a great spot for a light dinner and some drinks. They serve mostly sandwiches, burgers, and salads with some interesting house-made fry options. The menu was quite nice actually and I look forward to trying more of it. I got their special chocolate chip cookie dessert and it was incredible, if you're a fan of chocolate chip cookies you must go try this. Very reasonable prices.

Bill F

Our server, Dalaynee, was awesome. My daughter and I are looking to move here and she was so helpful. Great vibe at James Bar and great food. Can't wait to relocate here in the next couple of months.

Jackie W

This spot is the perfect place for a date or just a night out. You walk in and it almost feels quiet... then you reach the heart of the bar and it opens to a massive bar and a lot of people. The bar was a perfect spot to sit with TVs and all the mixologist action happening right in front of us.

Their drinks are extravagant, with interesting twists and ingredients. I loved the Sazerac! We enjoyed chatting with the bar tenders about local places and about their drinks.

We loved the idea of their burgers and decided to try the sliders, I got a lamb, Buffalo, and one with a quail egg and the quail egg and buffalo were great, but the lamb was a bit overcooked.

I highly recommend this place if you are in Missoula.

James E

Food is fantastic and quickly prepared and the cocktails are expertly made and just far enough outside of the norm to be interesting and refreshing without being risky or entirely unfamiliar. Wait staff is courteous and friendly and happy to provide service even if you aren't purchasing a tables worth of food.

I cannot recommend the James Mule enough, even as someone who doesn't much care for anise the pairing with the ginger beer really does bring something entirely new to the table.

Dumari D

James Bar is always awesome. Solid kitchen crew that's been together for years. Syd, Pat and Noel put out some of the best food in town. The new interior is very cool. Will, Piper and all the bartenders do a terrific job every night. Try the Aidenator burger. Best burger in town IMO. Just go.

Jon B

My last visit was absolutely perfect!!
The server helped pair our food choices with wine, and it was fun! Kale salads, so fresh! and truffle fries - that were amazing.... steak bites cooked perfectly!
Its a relaxing atmosphere, as well.
Then next door for whiskey and pool! Memories of a great night out in Missoula to last forever°•☆

Michelle M

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