Come On In To James Bar

Your Go-To Bar in Missoula, MT, for Food, Drinks, and Good Times with Friends

It's a weeknight and you're feeling a bit like "Mad Men" super ad guy Don Draper. It's going to take at least one (or maybe three) martinis to forget your troubles. Only problem is, that $500 plane ticket to New York - and your key to a swanky night on the town - is totally out of reach. Never fear, James Bar is the place if you're looking for class - or a bar your parents won't be totally appalled by.

As a bar, we are a people that enjoy cold beer, fine whiskey, and tequila spirits with no umbrellas; music played at a volume that fills our hearts; and wine pours that are far from bashful. We enjoy our food full-flavored and local (when we can get it that way) and prepared with skill, while keeping it approachable and unique. We like good stories, friends, laughter, and giving and receiving "pleases" and "thank you's" because, as George Costanza would say, "we are trying to have a society here."

What's Going On
At James Bar?